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Why The Fish Has Scales

A farmer and his wife were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. They pampered her and refused to let her do any farmwork. They showered her with attention. Too much attention.

She grew up into a beautiful maiden. And she knew it. That's why she would often go to the clear streams to admire her own beauty.

One day, the king of the crabs saw her by the side of the stream, and he approached her saying he wanted to be her friend.

She found him ugly and told him she did not want to be friends with such a horrid-looking creature. So he jumped on her face and made several painful scratches.

She splashed some water on her wounds, but these hardened into scales. To top it off, the king crab placed a spell on her and turned her into a fish filled with scales.

Nowadays, if you happen to look into clear streams, you'll find scaly fish swimming and moving in a strange manner. They quickly jerk away when they sometimes see their reflection which reminds them of the "beauty" they lost long ago.

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