Philippine Folktales, Myths and Legends
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No matter how far apart we live, we are inextricably linked. We gaze at the same sky, watch the same sunset, and breathe the same air. The jaded cynics might point out that these are not all exactly identical, but if you take the time to look at it on a deeper level, you will discover that oneness which enfolds all of us.

And it's pretty much the same out here on the web. We share similar interests, yes, even including Philippine folktales, myths and legends.

Check out the following sites...

Tanikalang Ginto Philippine Myths and Legends Web Directory
Ken Ilio puts together the mother of links. This is just one of the many directories Ken has put up to showcase the Philippines.

Philippine Folklore
This is a personal, hobby site that lists stories classified into: Gods and Goddesses, Myths of Origin, Fairy Tales, Legendary Heroes, Parables, Folktales, and Urban Legends.

Arnold Arre
He's the creator and illustrator of "Mythology Class," a comic book which rekindled my interest in Philippine myths and legends. His drawings may seem dark, though, so you might wish to reconsider showing his work to extremely young kids who get scared easily. (To Arnold: Thank you for allowing me to scan the covers of your comic book. You'll see part of it on the homepage of this site -- the globe which contains one human, a god, and a tikbalang...)

Mga Awit Ng Nakaraan (Songs of the Past)
The site owner is fascinated with werewolves and other supernatural beings.

Video and Audio Cassettes - Philippine Folktales

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