Alamat, A Philippine Folktales, Myths and Legends Page
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Alamat, A Philippine Folktales, Myths and Legends Page

Looking for Philippine folk tales? We parents got a number of books here in the Philippines to help satisfy our son Adi's growing curiosity about the origin of things. Over the coming weeks, we will search for Philippine folktales to share with you, as retold or quickly summarized in our own words. This way, you can use your creativity when re-telling these Philippine folktales to your children.

This site is undergoing renovation. Please be patient as more stories are added in the coming days.

Heavens - stories about gods, goddesses, wind, rain, the sky, and other heavenly celestial bodies.
Earth - stories about the earth, volcanoes, mountains, the land, islands, and the origin of the Philippines.
Water - stories about seas, rivers, waterfalls, and other bodies of water.
People - stories involving human beings.
Plants - stories about flowers, fruits.
Animals - stories about carabaos, dogs, frogs, and even insects.

Misc - stories which have not been classified. Can include tales about the elements like fire, for example.
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Links - links to other sources of information, plus acknowledgment and credits.
About - why the site was built and how to send feedback.

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